Changes in IIMKAA Executive Committee

Dear Alumni,

Recently, the Executive Committee convened a special meeting to address the vacancy left by Nisha's resignation as Secretary. After careful consideration, the President has nominated B Rajesh as an additional member to the Executive Committee and appointed him as the Secretary. 

IIMKAA is pleased to inform you that this proposition was approved by a majority vote during the EC's emergency meeting.

As our new Secretary, B Rajesh will undertake the immediate responsibility of transitioning into the role. He will be working closely with Nisha and other members to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and responsibilities. One of the critical tasks on his agenda is the organization of this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is scheduled to take place at our beloved IIM Kozhikode campus during Nostalgia. As a secretary his role encompasses overseeing the timely compliances and ensuring the smooth and compliant functioning of the IIMK Alumni Association and he will immediately be resuming all the ongoing responsibilities for a successful completion of the AGM

IIMKAA and IIMK wishes his best. 

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